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A conflict in an organization always exists and cannot be avoided. It can lead to behavior deviating from rules, work procedure and disrupt the achievement of an organization if it is ignored. Therefore, it is necessary to manage and resolve a conflict well so that an organization remains productive to reach its targets. One of organizational resolutions whose lesson can be learnt is in Masyumi organization. This organization, forming as an Islamic political party, ever experienced a conflict and resolved it well. This study aims to describe a conflict resolution conducted by Masyumi regarding to the Roem-van Roijen agreement. It uses conflic management approach, specifically which discusses about conflict resolution. It uses qualitative and literature study method. Its result indicates that after Indonesian and Dutch parties finally made an agreement, called the Roem-van Roijen agreement, internal conflict occured in Masyumi. It originated from different perceptions between two groups. It is classified as an inter-group conflict. Its resolution was conducted by Masyumi leaders integratively through accommodation and compromise methods. Both groups finally accepted the result of the Roem-van Roijen agreement.