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The study is grounded in a case of terminating a human resource, causing organizational turmoil and potentially divide the organizational strength so that they cannot achieve its goals. It especially happens when the human resource has a big role in the development of da’wah organization. This article reveals the termination management carried out by Umar bin Khattab in the dismissal case of Khalid bin Walid as his human resource. It uses a theoritical approach of Good Endings: Managing Employee Termination and a qualitative library research method approach. It indicates that (1) Umar bin Khattab carried out a termination management by developing a question and answer guideline for terminating Khalid bin Walid; (2) Umar bin Khattab terminated Khalid bin Walid by considering for the right person to deliver the termination news, the matter of termination related to the guideline made, the moment for delivering termination which was suitable to the problem context, the place where the termination delivery place which was fairly accepted, accepted logical reasoning of termination and the way of termination delivery which was accepted.