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This study is grounded in an empowerment conducted by Kampung Marketer community to youth of Tamansari village, Karangmoncol, Purbalingga. Over 3 years, Kampung Marketer has solved 748 young people from urbanization due to the lack of jobs in their village. Kampung Marketer has changed those young people so that they have digital marketing skill, get highly earning work, and make village houses to be training centre and office. It cannot be separated from the support of community assets: the youth and other village people. Their roles are essential to understand because they become basic capital for empowering community. This study aims to explain roles of community assets in empowering the youth by Kampung Marketer. This qualitative research study uses videos of interviews as data taken from and Kampung Marketer website. As a result, village young people, who previously had no skills and jobs, own digital marketing skill. Furthermore, they become agents developing Kampung Marketer’s empowerment. Physical assets, such as people’s houses, functions as places of empowerment. They accommodate many training and office activities. Social asset, such as a sense of communality, spreads the success of this empowerment to the society so that a lot of people want to join.