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Spiritual energy is a driving force behind all of someone’s activities to perform strongly held values, to reach non-self-interest goals, including da’wah activities. It is essential for a dai, the one conducting da’wah, to have good spiritual energy management method, which are: (1) having techniques to improve spiritual energy so that it reaches high capacity; (2) abilities to use it efficiently; and; (3) having its renewal system. Learning from the Prophet Ibrahim as a dai, we can discover three techniques of spiritual energy management. It is based on Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz’s spiritual energy management. It uses literature study. It indicates : (1) the Prophet Ibrahim gradually expanded his spiritual energy capacity through conducting obligation of da’wah challenging his safety; (2) the Prophet Ibrahim did not hate and feel resentful by refusals on his da’wah mission. On the contrary, he continuously applied scientific approach, did not insist, and prayed for the safety of the ones refusing his da’wah. Therefore, his spiritual energy was not wastefully spent for disappointment or frustration; (3) The Prophet Ibrahim took a break and utilized his spiritual energy for remembering Allah’s greatness, compassion, and justice. He also utilized to conduct da’wah ethically, scientifically and without coercion