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This paper is grounded by the uniqueness of Perhimpunan Rahima as an organization echoing gender equality and equity when the discourse of gender bias is widespread. Rahima, founded from a traditional Islamic community, attempts to transform the culture and social structure to acknowledge that women’s rights are equal to men. This paper aims to portray its da’wah system while this organization promotes Islamic gender equality and equity. It uses qualitative method. The results indicate: first, Rahima prioritizes female ulemas who are intensively trained. Second, its targets of da’wah partners are not only women but also men to have a fair and equal gender awareness. Third, its da’wah messages have special characteristics in using perspective of Qiraah Mubaadalah and True Justice to yield balanced, rational, just, and universal religious texts for women and men. Fourth, transformative da’wah model is applied with ta’lim and tilawah strategies based on actual issues about women’s rights. Fifth, Rahima integrates printed and digital media for its various visual and audiovisual da’wah. It produces cultural media in the form of Equal Sholawat to strengthen values of justice and gender equality around traditional Islamic environment.