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BSC as a strategic management system has the advantage of providing a comprehensive frame of mind for mosques in building mosque economic independence. One of them is in the process of formulating a strategy using a 4 perspective approach, namely financial, customer, internal processes, and growth & learning. However, unfortunately, studies on the application of the concept of strategy formulation using the BSC have not been found in the context of da'wah organizations. Likewise, the framework for formulating specific strategies for the context of the da'wah institution. The purpose of this study is to develop the concept of how to formulate a BSC-based strategy from Kaplan and Norton's theory of BSC strategy formulation, to formulate a mosque's economic independence strategy. Which is expected to provide general guidelines on how to implement the formulation of a strategy to build mosque independence using the BSC. The research method is basic qualitative research using deductive content analysis. The conclusion steps in strategy formulation include: 1) establishing the vision and mission of the mosque's economic business that is in line with the mosque's vision and mission, 2) conducting a SWOT BSC analysis, by making adjustments to its financial perspective, where the stakeholders are mosques, donors (as investors) and the community. empowered, 3) formulating strategies using the SWOT matrix and strategic thinking logic Keyword : BSC strategy formulation, mosque economic independence