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In a non-profit organization, the motivation of members to join, the majority is not material. So the way to move members of non-profit organizations will certainly be different from moving subordinates in profit organizations. Exemplary leadership is one way to mobilize members of non-profit organizations. HOS Tjokroaminoto is known as one of the great leaders in pre-independence Indonesia. One of HOS Tjokroaminoto's leadership strengths in leading is his example. With exemplary leadership, HOS Tjokroaminoto was able to become the most influential person in the Sarekat Islam organization. Under his leadership, Sarekan Islam became one of the major organizations in the Dutch East Indies. This article will discuss how the exemplary leadership performed by HOS Tjokroaminoto when he led the Sarekat Islam organization. This research is a qualitative research literature. The results of this study are the form of exemplary leadership carried out by HOS Tjokroaminoto, namely: first, HOS Tjokroaminoto leads by setting an example of simplicity in personal life and as an organizational leader. Second, HOS Tjokroaminoto leads with a strong vision, namely the welfare and unity of Muslims, the establishment of an independent and independent Indonesian state in a non-confrontational way with the Dutch kingdom, independent in managing nature. Third, HOS Tjokroaminoto led with strategic innovations such as the struggle for independence through an evolutionary path when many fighters chose the path of revolution, made the decision to join voolskraad when many fighters rejected the Dutch offer to join voolskraad, formed the CSI as a way to get around the rules from the Netherlands regarding the organization. , and build village schools based on farmer schools. Fourth, HOS Tjokroaminoto led by giving great confidence to his subordinates such as appointing Gunawan as deputy chairman of SI 1914-1916, appointing Abdul Muis as deputy chairman of SI 1916-1921, and choosing Agus Salim to join the voolskraad to replace him. Fifth, HOS Tjokroaminoto raised the spirit of the members through thunderous speeches.

Keywords: HOS Tjokroaminoto, leadership, Sarekat Islam, exemplary leadership, motivation