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Abstract: This study was motivated by the amazing reality of the village of Pujon Kidul which was initially poor and underdeveloped, then transformed into an independent, empowered and accomplished village. Thanks to community intervention from Pokdarwis Capung Alas, currently Pujon Kidul village is one of the 10 best tourist villages in Indonesia. In 2018, one of the village business units contributed to the Village Original Income of 1.3 M. This is certainly very interesting to study, how they can overcome themselves from poverty and helplessness to become independent, highly competitive and accomplished villages. This paper will focus on studying the community intervention model carried out by Pokdarwis Capung Alas in Pujon Kidul Village, Malang Regency. The method used in this study is library research using the intervention model theory of the Rothman community and friends. The results of this study indicate that the community intervention carried out by Pokdarwis Capung Alas is oriented towards process goals, namely the formation of independent villages, community capacity building and community integration. All intervention processes are directed at community development from the village, by the village and for the village. The process of socialization, education, assistance and problem solving on the basis of consensus and common interests become the driving force for the community to develop optimally.

Keywords: Community intervention model, Pokdarwis Capung Alas, Pujon Kidul Village.