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The mosque is one of the da'wah infrastructures with its architectural design/style that reflects the progress of Islamic civilization. In fact, there is a reality of misinterpretation of the mosque's design which is made according to modern design science and architecture. One of them is the assumption/interpretation that the architectural design of the Al Safar Mosque, which is located in the rest area of KM 88 toll Cipularang contains Jewish/illuminati symbols that are contrary to Islamic teachings. The virality of this interpretation then made the West Java MUI to organize a gathering and open discussion that brought together Ridwan Kamil, as the architect of the Al Safar Mosque and Ahmad Baequni, as those who have the interpretation of the Illuminati symbol in the Al Safar Mosque. This paper analyzes the Communication of Da'wah Arguments: A Case Study of Ridwan Kamil's Clarification of Misperceptions of Meaning in the Architectural Design of the Al Safar Cipularang Mosque. The method used in this paper is descriptive qualitative. This paper uses Toulmin's argumentation theory to describe the argumentation structure of Ridwan Kamil, as the designer/architect of Al Safar Mosque and Gorys Keraf's theory of argumentation techniques to analyze the argumentation techniques used. As a result, it is known that Ridwan Kamil, the designer of the Al Safar Mosque, has an argument structure which, according to Toulmin's theory, is very strong, because it contains all elements of argumentation, namely claim, warrant, ground, backing, capital equalizer and rebuttal. The techniques used are also very diverse, ranging from genus and definition, cause and effect, circumstances, similarities, authority, comparisons, contradictions and there are several other techniques that have not been included in Gorys Keraf's theory of argumentation techniques. The existence of this paper is expected to be able to enrich the science of da'wah communication in terms of argumentation techniques, especially in situations of facing misperceptions/wrong accusations, so it needs to be straightened out logically and with full accountability.