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ARGUMENTATIVE TECHNIQUES FOR COVID-19 VACCINATION THEMED SERMON ON YOUTUBE. One of the solutions to the COVID-19 outbreak is vaccination. However, there are many hoaxes that spread, especially those concerning halal or haram vaccines. For this reason, it is important for preachers to know techniques of argumentation in Husein Ja'far al-Hadar's sermon video "halal-haram vaccines" and Ustaz Das'ad Latif in the sermon video "Let's Vaccine!" This research is a qualitative research document study that describes argumentation technique by Gorys Keraf and Stephen Toulmin. The results of this study reveal that Husein Ja'far al-Hadar uses authorities technique of argumentation within islamic authorities ground. And Ustazz Das'ad Latif uses the authorities technique within govenance, health authorities and islamic ground. Both of them use analogy technique and generalization technique to defend their claim.