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This article discusses the formulation of the problem, how is the process of capacity building and empowerment carried out by the Rumah Gemilang Indonesia Institution? The aim is to find out the dynamics of the capacity building and empowerment process carried out by rumah Gemilang Indonesia. Because rumah Gemilang Indonesia Has successfully carried out the process of capacity building and empowering the youth who are their target students with indications that 90% of the alumni are already wrking. Both working in corporations and as entrepreneurs. This study uses a qualitative approach and the data collection method uses documents as data source. For the analysis usisng the theory of resource empowerment according to Wrihatnolo and Dwidjoowijoto. The result of the study show that the capacity building process is carried out by providing training to the target. The training provided is tailored to target abilities and current work needs. Empowerment is done by providing employment opportunities. Both by providing information on job vacancies, apprenticeships to partner companies, as well as recruitment by successful alumni of Rumah Gemilang Indonesia.