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The concept of total reward was born from the womb of a bisnis institution where its characteristics are different from da'wah institutions. Bisnis organizations do not have human resources who are dedicated, work ties are based on work contracts, learning and development is carried out focusing on work abilities while aspects of faith, worship, and morals become personal areas and many other things. There is no explanation of the concept that adapts the total reward concept to da'wah organizations. This paper tries to develop the concept of total reward which is adapted to the unique character of da'wah organizations. The method used is a qualitative approach based on secondary literature data. The results of the study show that based on the basic elements of the da'wah organization, the characteristics of human resources, and performance measures in the da'wah organization, it is necessary to make adjustments to the wage component, the reward component, the learning & career development component, and the work environment component. The concept of total reward in da'wah organizations will produce an overall compensation model that is unique and more relevant to be applied to da'wah organizations.