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Strategic management frameworks are usually applied to macro and long-term organizational policies, formulated at the corporate, business unit, and functional levels. The format of the strategy is generic and has a long-term dimension. While da'wah programs are not always complex and long-term in nature, but are dynamic, incidental, and have a short-term dimension. Thus, the strategic management framework is difficult to apply in the context of short-term da'wah. It is necessary to adapt the strategic management framework at the strategy formulation stage, so that it is compatible for short-term da'wah. This article aims to adapt the strategic management framework so that it can be applied to da'wah programs with micro and short term dimensions. The research approach is qualitative-theoretical with a basic research paradigm with a synthesis method between fundamental variables in strategic management theory and the essential principles of da'wah. Data sourced from the literature on the variable concept of strategic management and da'wah. The results of the adaptation of the framework are: first, the synthesis analysis process between strategic factors from the environment must be carried out comprehensively without the need for factor canalization, in order to produce a holistic, synergistic and systematic strategy. Second, the process of canalizing strategic factors in the form of a matrix that limits strategies in a generic form cannot be applied. Strategy formulation must be more open, dynamic and creative, not following a priori determined generic strategy. Third, strategy implementation can be carried out by lower-managers or ad hoc commissions.