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Every da'wah or non-dakwah organization, of course, the role of employees/HR (human resources) determines success or failure, progress and setbacks. In terms of human resources, of course, it is not just competence, but also high loyalty to the organization or company which will determine the success and progress of the organization or company. The author found that there is a non-profit organization engaged in the service sector in the form of courses on the Koran which is able to build the loyalty of its human resources in carrying out their role as teachers. This research method uses the technique of conducting interviews and extracting related data, especially on stakeholders. This research shows that the institution is able to build loyalty to its human resources in a professional manner where there is a salary system and a non-salary motivation system, and there is a career ladder. Until they are able to maintain their human resources up to around 60 people to become teaching staff. And this loyalty has resulted in thousands of female students from various walks of life and community groups.