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THE CREDIBILITY OF ABU BAKAR ASH-SHIDDIQ IN REDUCE DISUNITY OF THE MUSLIM COMMUNITY AT SAQIFAH BANI SAIDAH INCIDENT. The Saqifah Bani Saidah incident has the potential for disunity among Muslims after the death of Rasulullah saw. The Ansar wanted the leaders of the Muslims come from them. Even if the Muhajirin refuse, then for the Ansar a leader and for the Muhajirin a leader. But Abu Bakr did not agree with the opinion of the Ansar. Abu Bakar was initially seen as having no leadership legitimacy by Ansar. But through his speech, Abu Bakr was able to change the opinion of the Ansar. This study was conducted using a descriptive qualitative approach using literature analysis to draw conclusions. In the Saqifah incident, Abu Bakr was able to build the ethos, pathos, and logos so that he was considered by the Ansar as the best figure to replace the leadership of the Prophet and was able to reduce the split in the Muslim community that almost occurred. The results of the study can be a reference that the speaker is able to build credibility through rhetoric even though at first the audience does not trust him.