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LEADERSHIP OF UMAR BIN ABDUL AZIZ PERSPECTIVE OF KAUZES-POSNER MODELING THEORY. Leadership determines the success, success and greatness of both companies, organizations and countries. Exemplary-based leadership in history plays a major role and even determines the course of history of a company, organization or a nation and even a civilization. The exemplary leadership theory is a theory that is quite significant in explaining a leadership phenomenon as well as being a leadership role model in the future. Because in exemplary leadership, the author has the belief that "one word with deed", becomes the essence of leadership. In this case, the character Umar bin Abdul Aziz in Islamic history is seen as a leader who is able to set a very meaningful role model in the Islamic world. This study uses a qualitative method with literature study, namely analyzing the leadership of Umar bin Abdul Aziz with the Kauzes-Posner Leadership Theory approach as an analytical tool. The findings of this study are the courage of a leader to set an example starting from himself, the family has encouraged his subordinates to be motivated in carrying out the tasks or mandates he has been charged properly. Courage to set an example that challenged the "culture" of leadership, especially as a figure in the rulers of a large empire in his time.