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DA’WA STRATEGY FORMULATION BASED ON SWOT ANALYSIS: A CASE STUDY OF STRATEGIC PLANNING BAITUSSALAM MOSQUE SIDOARJO 2023. Strategy formulation is an organization's strategic planning process in managing its resources optimally in order to achieve its vision, mission and objectives. SWOT analysis is a management instrument for organizations to formulate strategies based on the dynamics of their internal and external environment. The Baitussalam Mosque in Sidoarjo is carrying out periodic management reforms for takmir. In this momentum, the Takmir of Baitussalam Mosque needs to design a strategic da'wah plan in a systematic and comprehensive manner. This is an experiment to measure the relevance of the SWOT analysis-based strategy formulation framework to adapt to the mosque da'wah organizational environment. The research in this article aims to apply the SWOT analysis instrument as a framework for the formulation of the da'wah strategy at the Baitussalam Mosque in Sidoarjo. This field research uses a qualitative rationalistic approach, by constructing an organizational strategy through the application of a theoretical framework to an empirical case study. The analysis used is an inductive synthesis of the premise of environmental descriptive data that has a logical connection, to produce strategic solutions. The resulting outcome is a set of periodic da'wah strategies which include internal capacity optimization strategies, innovative da'wah product development, intensification and extensification of soliciting donations, as well as accommodation for all elements of the congregation through an inclusive and multicultural da'wah model.