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COMMUNICATION PSYCHOLOGY IN EMPOWERMENT OF DAKWAH: A STUDY OF THE GRAMEEN BANK PROGRAM BY MUHAMMAD YUNUS. Communication psychology is able to explain the communication process by considering the psychological aspects of communicants. With communication psychology, subjects are able to predict communication responses so that communication can be effective. One of the success factors for the Grameen Bank program is the use of appropriate communication psychology by Muhamamd Yunus in empowering the women community in Jobra village. He is able to understand the psychological aspects of the empowered object so that he can communicate appropriately. Until he received an award, namely the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006. The aim of this study is to describe the Psychology of Communication in the preaching of empowerment: Study of the Grameen Bank Community Program in Bangladesh by Muhammad Yunus. The theoretical approach used is communication psychology theory. This study uses descriptive qualitative methods. The results of this study are that Muhammad Yunus communicates by considering various psychological aspects of the communicants (Jobra village women), including the need for security, namely wanting to get wages and work, on the other hand, their feelings of fear of borrowing money from Grameen Bank, while their knowledge of Grameen Bank like other financial institutions, it provides high interest rates, traditional purdah values, figure figures for certain figures. So that every verbal communication message raised by M. Yunus, whether rational, emotional, reward appeal, is very relevant to the psychological aspect of the communicant. The effect of applying communication psychology in empowering da'wah is that they become loyal Grameen Bank borrowers.